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A popular Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti restaurant for its entire 25 years history serving traditional Vietnamese fair in with a certain panache.

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Whether it is appetizer, meat, sea food, or vegetarian, our recipes always contain the best quality and healthiest ingredients that are carefully selected from the best sources on the market.

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Vietnamese Braised Fish in Clay Pot (Cá kho tộ)


Cá kho tộ


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Caramelized Catfish in Clay Pot (Cá kho tộ) is one of those popular, authentic Vietnamese braised dishes that is cooked in clay pots, a common dish eaten in Vietnamese households. It’s very nostalgic & appetizing to cook food in clay pots. Clay pot retains heat very well. It also heats up evenly, thus making the food inside, especially meat, cook faster while maintaining its full flavor. This was how food was cooked in the good old days in Vietnam. In Vietnam, Cá kho tộ is often cooked in a brown clay pot to retain heat and help in the caramelizing process. Catfish is great for braising since it has a higher fat content, rendering it moist but still retaining its shape during the braise. Lots of ginger, shallot and garlic along with the fish sauce and caramel sauce impart an incredible savory sweet flavors. These catfish steaks are bubbled for an hour in a caramel sauce, resulting in deliciously dense pieces of fish cloaked in a sticky mahogany sauce. Like most Vietnamese meat dishes, this catfish dish is eaten with a lot of white rice.